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    Warners At The Bay - Beers I Liked

    Anyone know if Warners have got any Heretic beers?
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    Split Cube

    Cling wrap works, spray some starsan under it first. As the cube cools the pressure drops relative to atmosphere & the cling wrap tends to get pulled into the crack. I've gotten away with it a couple of times.
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    Aabc And Subordinate State Competition Rules

    For what it's worth, my opinion is very simple: Best beer on the day wins. Don't care how it's made or who made it. There seems to be an assumption that commercial brewers have an advantage over amateurs. I say that if an amateur can't brew a better beer than a pro, then the amateur needs to...
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    Fruit Flies In Fermenter

    They aren't fruit flies, they are known as vinegar bugs (search for them here, you'll find some info on the species if you are interested). They are attracted to mouldy & fermenting things like rotten fruit. They carry acetobacter and if you get them in your fermenter there is an excellent...
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    2011 Funky Beer Swap

    1. raven19 2. Quintrex - Lambic (if it's ready) or Oud Bruin 3. barls 4.stuster 5. Manticle 6. neonmeate - might make my brett brux-pils for this one 7. Kabooby 8. goatherder - Baltic Porter with Brett Claussenii 9. beers 10. jonw 11. Josh 12. BrenosBrews - Probably something involving...
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    Should I Add 200g Carapils To Cpa Recipe To Add A Little Head Retentio

    10 or 15% wheat wouldn't be out of place in the style. I use 10%.
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    Should I Add 200g Carapils To Cpa Recipe To Add A Little Head Retentio

    Yep, wheat malt for CPA. You'll get the head retention but not the additional body you'll get with carapils.
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    Mash Temperature Effect On Final Gravity - Formula?

    I suspect that you may get a "all else being equal" relationship but how useful would it be when FG is so dependent on yeast characteristics, grist composition, fermentation conditions etc?
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    First All Grain Ale Attempt. Low Og Reading?

    Wow, where to start... First of all, congrats on your first all grain beer. By the look of your grain bill, 1.032 is about all you'd expect to get with that much water and that little grain. Grab some brewing software (I use beersmith, there are plenty of others around) and use it to...
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    Flanders Red

    Add some fresh yeast. I did a test bottle from an FRA which had been sitting around for a year - priming sugar was added and there was almost no carbonation after a month in the bottle. Either make up a small yeast starter (100-200ml or so) or add a quarter of a packet of dried yeast to your...
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    Top Cropping Yeasts

    I can confirm that 3638 is a top cropper, I'm drinking the results as I type.
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    How Do People Sterilize Stir Bars For Stir Plates?

    boil it in the flask, if the wort is relatively sanitary then the stirbar ought to be too.
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    2011 Hub Brewing Challenge

    As a total style nazi, I'm completely out of my comfort zone. Looking forward to the challenge...
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    Biab In Fermenter - New Method?

    So you heat the water in a pot, use a plastic fermenter (with bag) as a mash tun, run the wort off into a pot & boil it. Sounds like 3V brewing but you've used a BIAB bag for the false bottom instead of using steel/copper/braid etc. No reason it shouldn't work.
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    Water Profiles: Burton On Trent

    I'd say almost none - a historically accurate EPA/IPA would be about it. According to the Burton profile in Beersmith, it has 700+ ppm of sulphate, 300ppm of calcium and 300ppm bicarbonate. These are very high numbers - particularly the sulphate level which is above the taste threshold...