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    All Grain Home Brew Set up plus kegs

    Hey everyone, Due to the fact that I havnt brewed in years and now just using FWK, I'm getting rid of my All Grain Brewing Set up. I'm located on the Sunshine Coast in Maroochydore I'd like to sell as a whole package which includes: *Home Made Grain Mill and Hopper *80litre light gauge SS...
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    Qld Xmas 2012 Case Swap..Venue Changed

    I have just crawled out from under my rock and found out this thing thats going on!!!!! Well, unfortunately, I will not be able to attend as im away working on that date as per usual, the world needs to stop hosting events when im rostered on for work.. :huh: CB
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    Brewing A Barleywine

    Its been a while since I have posted but id just like to add that this 28 month old Barley Wine is drinking better by the day.... Cheers :icon_cheers: CB
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    Mikeller "the Movie"

    Check out this Video from Mikeller, very cool....... :super: Mikeller Video..... CB :icon_cheers:
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    Final Volume Problem - No Chill

    Fermenters with measurements on the side can be generally inaccurate...... :icon_cheers: Nothing wrong with No-Chill, just bung a Tap on your pot and dump in a Cube/Jerry can, just put a bung in your Cube/Jerry can and not the tap, that will dislodge due to heat.... :blink: CB :icon_cheers:
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    So What Has Happened To All The People That Used To Go On The Chat

    Mate, Gotta try get to yours when I can, still on a Friday binge?
  7. clean brewer

    So What Has Happened To All The People That Used To Go On The Chat

    Hey mate, how are you? Love ya work still..... :lol:
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    Qld Xmas-in-july Case Swap 2011

    Hello to the Brewerhood, Its amazing to say that I have been unemployed for the last 5 weeks and would have been surely coming to the Swap, I even have beer kegged and ready, un fortunately due to an extended period of unemployment, I "NEED" to work at the Restaurant to make some money to...
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    Stop-start Brewing

    I have not brewed that much in the last Year & a 1/2, have just done 2 brews in 2 days, for me, it is just a matter of pulling my finger out and get it done.... Shit, ive got all the Keg Gear and Brew AG, it also upsets me buying beer just for something to drink, especially when I prob have...
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    Hello All....

    Cheers Guys, good to see some frivolities going on here still, gave me something to have a laugh over.... :icon_cheers: CB
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    Hello All....

    Sweet, same house? Date? CB
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    Hello All....

    Yardy, how are ya mate? Not out there any more, finished up last October and now Consulting/Managing a Cafe/Bar... And getting my Business going.... Had a good time away, but finished up before they had about 8 weeks off due to rain, they loved me there but the $$$ wasnt anywhere near good...
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    Hello All....

    At yours mate is it?????? :beerbang: CB
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    Hello All....

    Hello all, Yes, Clean Brewer here, no I didnt die, just been quiet and not brewing much..... Work is hectic as usual and I am building a Mobile Kitchen for my Catering Business... Hope all is well with you all and ill be back on here a bit more now hopefully.... :icon_cheers: CB
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    Queensland Xmas Swap 2010 @ the BatCave

    Hope youse all had a top day/night guys and gals.... As per usual work and family commitments got in the way of this awesome event........ Finally having a beer now to celebrate.. :icon_cheers: CB