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    Guide To Keg Forced Carbonation.

    When storing a brew in a keg does it matter what temp it is,will your beer age in a keg like it does in bottles ?
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    Kegging question

    Does beer age in kegs ? & how long can you leave a brew in a keg.
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    New To Kegging

    What size hose do u old keggers use & if their are no leaks does size matter
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    Cold Crashing

    I have one that's been sitting since 2/12/13 Yob I just havn't had time to bottle it yet tastes & smells ok
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    Cold Crashing

    I have my fermenter sitting @ 1.5c,how long could you leave it before you bottle
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    Turduckin on my Kamado again this year

    Turduckin on my Kamado again this year
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    How many litres did you brew - 2013?

    By years end it will be 782lt's :chug: :chug:
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    Pimp My TapKing

    Boys,what level are you filling your TK'S too.
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    Go you good thing

    Go you good thing
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    Using Licorice

    Came across an old brewer today who uses Licorice to carbonate his brews has also used black jelly beans, but reckons the Licorice is the best.Has any body heard of using Licorice no jelly beans,or has any body tried them.? :unsure:
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    Getting away from the Tap King forum,has any body done the Tap-a-Draft concept ? It seems to me that it was the original Tap King but without Lion Natan behind it.?
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    My beer is flat

    Give them a bit of a shake up then leave for a few days & taste again ,plus the weather is warming up they may have been just a little colder than you thought. :icon_cheers:
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    Lion introduces "Tap King" - party keg / growlers

    :icon_offtopic: Does anybody here use Tap-a- Draft,i havn't heard of it before now ? :unsure:
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    Lion introduces "Tap King" - party keg / growlers

    So what is the consensus,8g Co2 or 12g Co2 cartridges ?. :beerbang:
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    Ideal yeast temperatures - what's the go?

    Google, they have lots of good info on temps,if I was a little more of a geek I would have shown the link but my mother told me their would be days like this.