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    Homebrew Shop Orange Nsw ?

    Sorry, no homebrew shop in Orange. Closest is Country Brewer in Bathurst
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    Wanted: Drip Tray For Flooded Font

    I picked up mine from Here No Affiliation etc
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    Barley Crusher

    I have been using mine on the standard setting with no adjustment and seems to give a good crush. Works out to about .99mm wich is pretty close to correct setting, maybe just over.
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    Kegging Setups

    Finally have my setup almost complete.
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    Vent-matic Vs Perlick

    2 taps $85.30 with $30.80 in shipping .....thats US Dollars Cheers
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    First Try With Boiler

    Fishpig, there's not many questions that cant be answered by using the search function of this site. I for one have spent many hours searching and reading through countless posts. This site is a wealth of information and for someone that was a kit and kilo brewer for a year, I have finally taken...
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    Vent-matic Vs Perlick

    No problem Razz Northern Brewer. Very quick, 6 days from order to delivered. You would need to order collars and shanks from somewhere like Craftbrewer (no affiliation). :beer:
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    Vent-matic Vs Perlick

    I have 2 Ventmatic Ultraflow taps and last week received 2 Shirron taps from the U.S and there isnt any noticeable difference other than the ventmatics have ultraflow written on the side. They all pour an excellent beer. Very happy with mine. :beerbang:
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    Barley Crushers At Grain And Grape

    Prices obtained 2 weeks back from Randy at BC Products in the US. Prices for theBarley crushers are: Barley Crusher with a 7 pound hopper shipped by parcel post (surface mail) is $147.00US Dollars and $177.00US Dollars for air mail service. A Barley Crusher with a 15 pound hopper would run...
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    Brewstand Dimensions

    You could try here: Brew Stand
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    Beergun Stainless Bottle Filler

    Great stuff Ross.....Cant wait to test it out on the weekend. Have you fired yours up yet? Cheers
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    Fresh Wort Kits

    I've done the APA using safale 04. Fermented at 20c. SG was 1040 FG 1010. I only made it up to 19 litres. Turned out a nice drop. :chug: Cheers
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    Glycol Set-up

    getting it in 5 ltr containers would be good.....for the moment I'm just using iced water with submersible pump and adding a 2 litre block of ice if needed.
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    Glycol Set-up

    I was going to get Glycol from Andale (NSW) but at $6 per litre and a minimum of 20L purchase I decided aginst it.
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    Freezer Size For A Bar

    I have a FISHER & PAYKEL - 215L freezer. It fits 3 kegs possibly 4 (I only have 3) and cc cube on the motor step. Cheers