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  1. agraham

    2008 Hop Plantations

    + Hallertau :(
  2. agraham

    2008 Hop Plantations

    Awesome setup mate, makes mine in a pot look piss poor.
  3. agraham

    Brew Crew - Werribee End Of Town

    I am somewhat interested. What about the rest of the westies boys....warren and the rook....devo?
  4. agraham

    2008 Hop Plantations

    Here is my Hallertau rhizome planted 3 weeks ago poking out for a look.
  5. agraham

    Melbourne - Grain Bulk Buy Sept 08

    Very well organised BB haysie, i think you have raised the bar here mate....looks like its yours to keep :) Great to see everyone from previous BB's and put faces to names of some others. Great to talk beer and have beer on tap. Cheers, Andrew
  6. agraham

    The Sausage Thread

    What are you trying to do to me fraser! Delicious!
  7. agraham

    Chest Freezer Full Of Water?

    You are complaining about free water? :P Could be freezing a some point and then warming up and melting? Sorry not able to help any more.
  8. agraham

    Melbourne - Grain Bulk Buy Sept 08

    LOL are me and Kleiny invited at least? :P Where are we going?
  9. agraham

    Show Us Your Cheese!

    Check out some pics of my second cheese: Making a salted cheddar/pyreness style cheese. 18 Litres of milk! After pressing for 24 hours with 10lb of weight. Now the hard time of waiting for 2 months for it to mature. 18 bucks for 18 litres = 2kg or so of cheese. BRILLIANT!
  10. agraham

    Frozen Beer In The Keg

    Give it a stir with a long spoon mate, has this happen to me and the last 5-6 steins were really watery.
  11. agraham

    Melbourne - Grain Bulk Buy Sept 08

    Maybe the swmbo hasnt authorised the purchase? :P
  12. agraham

    The Mallee Mash House

    Kirem you make me want to cry, that is a very nice setup you got there mate, love the idea of the tippers for the mash/lauter tun and the boiler.
  13. agraham

    Melbourne - Grain Bulk Buy Sept 08

    Holy moses that is one monster of an order, lets hope we can continue them into the future.
  14. agraham

    John Guest Fittings Seal Probs

    I use the JG line and dont have an issue, i make sure that the line is cut nice and square before it goes in though.
  15. agraham

    Lagers - Pitching Cold With Dry Yeast

    Another update: Beer has finished fermenting, taste is fine and will be transferring to secondary and then dumping a G&G wort kit i got on weekend on it.