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How Much Have We Spent This Year

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Well started adding up how much ive spent on h/brew just the last few months setting up my AG etc.

Ouch!!!!! :blink: :blink: :blink:

Am I the only one!!!

I to am right up their with spending all my pocket money on stuff.
main thing this year is $1000 on kegging gear.
6 kegs, 4 taps and CO2 Bottle and refills.
Could only guess at how much iv'e spent on ingredients

we talking dollars or IBUs??

either way the answer is probabLy $%#@ knows, and do we really want to know?

I live in South Australia (ie best barley, worst water, and dearest electricity. With four fridges I don't want to know how much my beer costs. And I certainly don't want the wife to know!!

Lets just say it's cheaper, and better, than bought stuff - and be happy with that.

That way we all save money, AGL makes a profit, and I don't get divorced.
Yeah I'd be right up there this year.
Lots on ingredients, fridges/freezers etc.
Just did some quick numbers in my head and the total was getting scarey so I stopped :lol:
Sometimes it's best to plead ignorance.
Although my brewing has really come along this year. Quantity is down but the quality is up.

hmm, "sobering" thought. oh, well. at least i can take comfort in the fact this was my first year and lots was spent on equipment. and heck, its the hobby that keeps on giving!
I have spent quite a bit, but have managed to do everything relatively cheap so far. Next year I'm going to take the monetary plunge into the land of multiple fridges and kegging so the spending is going to increase a lot.
Well I added it all up and it's somewhere between $800 and $1000 for the year. Based on Qld beer prices, my brewing has more than payed for itself (which is how I justify it to the wife ;) ). Of course, if I was buying commercial beer all the time, I wouldn't be giving away as much to family and friends as I do with homebrew, so the figures are a tad unrealistic. However, even if I adjust for this, it still turns out to be one of the best cost/enjoyment ratios of any hobby I've ever had! :)

- Snow
Don't forget guys-spending money on equipment for all grain, mill, kegging, lagering etc will last a lifetime so if you look at the dollars that you spend and average it out over many, many years of homebrewing bliss it probably doesn't work out too bad. That's how I justified it to myself ;).

I just hope I don't die of liver cancer, type II diabetes, exploding kegs/bottles, being sucked into my grain mill, a rabid yeast infection or electricuting myself on my system before I've had a good few years out of it, or this hobby if going to cost me a fortune.

he he he he he he,Go the k&k's,we've still got money in the bank. :D
yeah well i just figured out how much i'd brewed this year on the other post (about 200 litres) and I've spent not that much. thats more beer than you would get for the same amount of money.i've only done k + k's so far. none have gone off and they have all been very drinkable.

Hey Johnno,
do you think that with all the money we've saved that we should buy a pub? turn it into a K&K micro brewery and make a million dollars?
its an idea, but i'm not sure if i've saved that much. :) :lol:
Please lets change the subject ! :angry: :angry:
don't assume thats is a bad idea... people say get real when someone comes up with an idea like that...i say get smart and do it !!

The future uncertain the end is always near ,, live today

( jim morrison )
Let's see - the kegging system was about $600, with 2 taps, 4 kegs etc.
The ingredients wouldn't have been more than$500 or so.
Ah, yes the bottle tree, digital thermometers and other gadgets about $200.
Oops, almost forgot about the boiler, lauter tun etc just completed, add another $150.

And of course - the new fridge for the kitchen so I can have the old one in the garage!!!!!

Yep, I've cracked the $2000 mark.

well i try and not keep track on what i spend as i just think of what it would have cost per carton to buy.

however this ag set up thing is starting to add up in cost and i am already looking at new fang dangled add ons for mark 2.mark 1 hasnt even fired a shot in anger yet.look out 2004

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