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Well wouldn't this be great under the Christmas Tree.

Check it out at http://www.williamswarn.com/

While at first glance it looks to be quite expensive but when you consider the full features maybe it isn't all that expensive. Also if you consider the current A$ to NZ$ exchange rate at around $1.30 it could be sourced at around $4300 pluss freight

Temperature controlled (both heating and cooling) stainless steel conical
All in one fermenting, conditioning, carbonation, chilling and serving unit
Bottle filling facility
Small footprint

Only down side I can see is you only have one beer on tap at a time without resorting to some bottling.

If you coupled this with a 20lt Braumeister you would have a full blown brewery from grain to glass in just two vessels/units

Had the chance to view one first had at TWOC the other day where he was in the process of brewing one of his fresh wort kits as a trial

I will be watching his results with keen interest.


or for the same money you could build a brewery, make a fermenting fridge, buy a keg fridge and buy enough grain and hops to see you brewing for at least a year.

This item has come up a few times now. the other downside is that you can't ferment and serve at the same time, which i suppose could be solved by buying a few of them at one. ^_^
Had the oportunity to sample a beer out of TWOC's "Williams Warn" system today and it wasn't too shabby at all.

He brewed one of his Kolsh FWK and used Nottingham yeast but fermented it at 14C instead of 21C as there web site recommends. He allowed an extra day (8 instead of 7) to counter the lower fermentation temperature

Today was the ninth day since pitching the yeast and as stated above the beer wasn't too shabby at all

This topic ( http://www.aussiehomebrewer.com/forum/inde...showtopic=53880 ) generaly had a lot of negative statements re the potential short commings particularly cost and only being able to brew one beer at a time and if/when you run out having to wait another period of time (7 to 8 days) for your next beer.

That aside the system makes a very drinkable beer using a FWK and Nottingham yeast.

TWOC,s next attempt will be to try a different FWK and a different liquid yeast with possible adjustments to the number of days fermentation. So this system is much more than a glorified "Kit and Kilo" system as a number had suggestered on the other site

I will continue to watch the/his progress with the system with interest


So this system is much more than a glorified "Kit and Kilo" system as a number had suggestered on the other site

I will continue to watch the/his progress with the system with interest



Add an option for full grain mashing to the system and it would be great. Still expensive (so is a braumeister) but great. If it does everything else why not wort production?
So someone actually bought one of these?! I am actually surprised.
Add an option for full grain mashing to the system and it would be great

Maybe you could if you did a BIAB Mash in the fermentation chamber and the system was capable of boiling the required volumn of wort. Using a hop sock would minimise the amount of hop trub and the hot break could be dumped via the yeast sediment port after maybe a whirlpool

I guess all this presupposes that the system heating circuit can be adjusted to control the mash temperature and also has the capability to boil say 28lt of wort.

At the end of the boil you would most likely need to use an immersion chiller to get rid of the bulk of the wort temperature/heat before you switched on the systems cooling circuit

All the above also presupposes that you can manually control the process

I will have a better (more indepth) look at Roy's syatem next time I am in his shop to see what the heating element rating is and if it would boil say 28lt also if the temperature control would allow for controlling mash temperatures


It's a suggestion for an improvement to the design. It should be a feature. A system like this that enabled all types of wort production (rather than limited), deliberately marketted as such would rival something like the braumeister. Could be a great machine - to most AG brewers it looks like an expensive toy. Design and manufacture certainly look the goods. Just make it more capable.

Maybe the AG market isn't big enough.
what's this notingham yeast? any good with AG lager/ale?

what difference does it matter if it's all grain?

Notto' is an awesome yeast. RELATIVELY neutral, not quite as neutral as Safale US05 but most brewers i reckon would describe it as not really accenting malt or hops too far in either direction.

One of the biggest selling points is it's fermentation speed. I use it a lot, and often get ferments done and dusted from pitching to conditioning phase in 3-4 days. Very quick.

It's also spastically cheap too.

It's an ale yeast so the approx. usual ale temps for fermentation will apply. There is some lateral movement with the temps, but most would ferment with it anywhere from maybe 16-20 degrees.

Try it man, it's a good 'un...

Oh, and "spastically cheap" means pretty cheap...

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