Why do ALL of my can kits taste bad?

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I think it has a lot to do with personal taste and what one is used to.
I have tried many home brews that the person brewing it says it is the best, only to find it virtually undrinkable.
this is also true for commercially brewed beers. gotta say there were times when i wasnt a big fan of guiness or IPAs however i pretty much just do a dark and an AIPA these days. had a couple of blokes round last night, one couldnt stand the AIPA but loved the dark ale, the other bloke loved both.

iam not a massive fan of these outback jack, great northern full on dextrose styles but if theres nothing else they sure beat coca cola or VB.

but a poorly fermented batch that got too hot and tastes like bananas or an infected batch with vinegar taint iam sure all but the saddest alcos would frown upon.

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