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Glenn W

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My new ultimate beer fridge arrived yesterday. spent all afternoon setting up gas and beer lines. Cost a fair bit but saved money from homebrewing over 20 or so years. You can check it out at www.beertech.com.au Cheers Glenn.
I want to see pics of it out in the wild !!
Asher I havent got a digital cammerar(carnt spell) spent all the money on the fridge. But you can see it at the beertech site. Cheers Glenn
Hi Glenn,
They are very impressive.
Did you get all the kegging stuff fonts etc with the fridge or did you use your own?
Can you just buy the fridge?
How much did yours set you back if you dont mind me asking?
all the prices are listed on the website. Good idea if you can afford it.
It had me gasping for air.

Dicko. Fridge came with tap,font,driptray,has a larger cooling unit and larger compressor than orindary bar fridge. cost $990, but a keg system with 2 kegs from most shops would cost over $400 plus you have to buy a fridge and convert yourself. With this fridge everything is custom made, plus there are other extras. Check out the web site, a glass of water cooled down to 2deg.C within 2 hours of turning it on. Cheers Glenn.
Hi Glenn,

The price on the site is $1430 from memory so $990 is not bad considering you get all new gear.

Can you buy the fridge separate from all the kegs and font etc?

Dicko fridge comes with everything I said in last post. Kegs and reg are extra, but I allready had them. What part of SA do you come from? I come from Adelaide. Cheers Glenn.
Hi Glenn,
I misunderstood you before but I've got it now.
I come from the Eyre Peninsula on the east side between Whyalla and Port Lincoln.

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