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Hi all,

I'm still new to this game (be kind) so i was after a bit of advice. I'm trying to make a strong, malty, hoppy IPA!

I was thinking

1x Coopers IPA tin
2kg of LDME
200grams of Dextrose

25grams Amarillo @ 20mins
25grams Cascade @ 20mins
20grams Nelson Sauvin @ 10mins

Filling the fermenter upto 20L, some S05 and fermenting 19-20degress. Then throwing 25grams more cascade in after a few days.

No kegs yet so i'd be botte conditioning. Extract designer spreadsheet suggest around 7.4% with an IBU of 58.6.

Any thoughts on the above? I'm not too sure on my hop additions and amount of malt.

Thanks guys!
knock back the LDME to 1.5kg and up the dry hop to 20g Cascade and 20g Amarillo...

if you want a great IPA, dont be afraid to double dry hop or a massive single.. Id tend to go multiple dry hop additions to it though..

have at it soldier :beerbang:
Yeah, I've made that kit with 2kg of LDME and it was a bit too chewy (and I do tend to like them chewy). Knock it down a touch as Yob advises. You can bump the dex up some if ABV is a primary motivation.

Personally I think that kit shines with English hops but your combination should work well. Go hard late and dry (as advised) and you'll be onto a winner.

(I could have just said "+1" but where's the fun in that?)
or make a Toucan..... My best Home Brew effort to date....

"Thankyou Come Again"

1 Can Home Brand Draught
1 Can Coopers Australian Pale Ale
1kg LDME
300g Dex
1 kit yeast (as nutrient)
30g Williamette 10min
30g CascadeF/O
30g Nelson Sauvin F/O
30g Amarillo F/O

US 05 pitched at 20deg and brought down and fermented at 18 deg

Dry hopped day 6 with
25g ea Nelson Sauvin and Amarillo

OG. 1069
FG. 1012

Absolutely fantastic

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