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Went to my first work related Christmas party this evening. It was held at "The Living Room" in North Sydney. There was a selection of Premium Lagers and not having had a lager in a while I decided to try a range.

James Squire Pilsener: Nice thick drop. Enjoyed this immensely. Resemebled ale to me tho. Thick and malty. We drank the bar out of this in about an hour!!!

Crown Lager: Couldn't finish one bottle of this. Yuck. Some sort of vomit taste... ended up using my 1/2 full bottle as an ashtray.

Cascade Premium: Drinkable.

Boags Premium: clear and crisp. Ended up sitting on this for most of the night after the JS Pilsener ran out. Not too special, but better than the Crownie and Cascade.

Brewing ales has ruined me for commercial beer...
hey pomo
isnt it amazing how most non beer educated people think crown lager is an absolute be all and end all top drop.up here in the nt people usually bet with crownies as if its gold or something.

good to see james squire is now educating some palates.

just think of all the xmas parties we attend and what will be on the beer list.average mega stuff i bet.
Yeah. Some people have no idea. I remember a contractor (strangely, from the same co that threw tonight's party) that went on about how lucky he was that his Mrs still let him buy a case of Crownies per fortnight after his first kid was born... like it was some blessing. Poor delusional fool. Nice bottles tho (once you get the ******* impossible labels soaked/scraped off).
And that's all they are good for , the bottles
Can't see what people rave about , all in the minds I
My work christmas function is at the Old Swan Brewery :D :D :D

Their stout is damn tasty, pale ale is very remincent of Coopers.
We were given a six-pack of crownies each by one of our bosses as a 'thankyou'. One of the women at work looked at me as if I had grown at least one extra head when I politely remarked afterwards that they were 'highly overrated.'
I'm going to go against the grain and say that i like crownies... they aren't in the same league as JS or little creatures.. but for a megaswill premo.. they aren't so bad..
OK GSRman,
Time to confess , when I go out I like Corona , lemon in the bottle of course
This amazes even me as there is no hop flavour ?
Oh well , silly old bugger !
i also find crown not to be up to scratch. would never pay for it.
Also boags seems to have a stale crisp quality as if its been in the sun to long or something.
i much prefer lawnmower pale ales than lagers for the real fruity fresh and smooth flavours.

One of my brothers take great pride in telling me how they sit drinking crownies on phillip island afer the race in the main street which is covered in bikes.
Cut me down if you like but i'd just a easily rather be drinking V.B in at these events.
Gotta admit I like the crownies as well even thogh I wouldnt buy it these days. But if someones offering or brings some around ...fair enough.
When it comes to going out and sinking session beers, I'm easily pleased with xxxx golds. :mellow:
Our work has a pretty active social club - and we throw on a free xmas lunch, 2 or 3 webers working overtime and a free bar (sorry mates, strictly members only).

A couple of years ago the committeee had a rush of blood to the brain and put me in charge of the bar. Last year we had Crownies, Boags, Coopers Pale and Stella Artois. After years of VB and Draught I discovered a lot of friends.

This year I stocked up the odd carton early when I saw a good special. Thus far the menu includes Becks, Pilsener Urquell, Crownies, Little Creatures, Jas Squire Colonial Wheat, and probably a carton of Belhaven Scottish Ale left over from another recent do.

Don't know what the VB drinkers will think. Not sure if they do think. Maybe they'll drink the Crownies!
well my work will be havibg west end draught and wine cooler so i hope they have at least some coopers
if the west end draught is nice and fresh you'll be suprised how well the P.O.R come across.
better than a carton of stale pale ale which can taste just as watered down if it hasn't been treated well, it does'nt like to be treated badly.
fresh coopers pale ale is my choice of beer in that price range though.
for me beer is like sex when your parting even the bad ones are enjoyable.

also one thing i have heard of the beer giants(LION ETC) is that XXXX is the only beer made with fresh hops.

I reckon there's a lot to be said for a fresh XXXX when you're at a function or out and about. It's nice and malty and hoppy, though a little sweet after you've gotten used to the bitterness. Crown Lager - I can't stomach the stuff. I think it really tastes like vomit.

As for our work Christmas party, it's being held over at the Boss's place and, as we're all public servants, it's BYO. That means glorious homebrew all night :D . We have 5 brewers in my branch, so such functions usually become homebrew swapping sessions and we end up talking recipes and technique all night. It's great fun but bores my wife to death :p . Usually we get other hangers-on having a taste of our brews and we have inspired many people to improved beer drinking tastes just by giving them a quirky homebrew or 2. Just the other day I was drinking homies with a few friends when this girl pipes up and says beer is disgusting and she wouldn't touch it with a barge pole - only drinks white wine and alcopops. Well, I said close your eyes and open your mind and I gave her one of my Bocks. Her eyes lit up (after she'd opened them) and she remarked on the "chocolate and coffee" I'd put in the beer. She was amazed when I told her that was just the malt. She couldn't believe that what she thought was a "stout" could taste so clean and crisp, yet complex and silky at the same time. She then said she now loved beer, but only if it was my homebrew! Oh well, we're half way there...

When I worked in North Sydney, The Living Room use to have LIttle Creatures, in fact I think it was one of the first places in Sydney that you could buy it!

Our Chrissy party is at Mingara (a large RSL type of club). Hope it's better than last year (Wyong Leagues Club) where I had the difficult decision to make between VB, New or Reschs. Woo-Hoo! They didn'r even have my emergency fall-back drink (Strongbow Draught).

I don't care if it's free.....sober I will be.....

A man of Beer pillars, Ale Strenghts and Hop Principles.

You give us all ssomething to drink - i mean aspire to..... :D

How are the Micro Brewery plans going....
Well I think I have offended my boss by taking a few home brews to our Xmas party because I saw him unloading carton after carton of Crown. I thought to myself no way Im going to be stuck drinking that all night so grabbed 6 of my finest and headed off, on arrival people were amazed that Id bought my own beers

"why did you bring your own beer they put the best beer around on mate - theyve got Crownies get stuck in"

to which I reply " have you actually tasted that stuff??"

Well after they tasted the home brew - well i only got to drink one put it that way!

I cant beleave it every tradesman Ive met loves it id rather drink Swan Mid!!

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