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G'day All,

I'm a newbie starting my second brew and originally wanted to make a Bavarian Lager (Helles) while the fermenting room is still at 20 - 22 degrees (before summer heats up the rom too much). I have seen a previous thread from Sept 04 about ESB Bav lager and problems flavours at 23 degrees.

So my question, given I am stuck wth a 20 degree fermenting temp, can anyone suggest an alternate yeast that will work well at this temp and will still give a traditional Bavarian Lager taste.

Any comments, tips, hints much appreciated !
To be a true Bavarian lager, your beer must be brewed with a good lager yeast at correct lager temps, then lagered (cold conditioned.)

Your only option at ale temps is to use a very neutral ale yeast, California ale, and give it a try. It won't be close to a true lager, but it won't end up tasting like a fruity Bavarian ale.

Your best bet is to brew beers to suit your conditions. Stick to ales at those temps. In winter get stuck into brewing lagers. Or, get lots of fridges, and thermostat controllers and then you can brew lagers in summer.

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