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hi guys
i have just posted my first post ,,,,,1st brew,,,,i have been reading on racking your brew,would it benefit my beer to rack a coopers kit beer or would this not be any use for this type of beer,i bottled my kit brew at 1012 fg after 8 days.would i improve this if i racked into a second barrel and then how long would i leave it in there before bottling.also when do you bulk prime is it when you first rack into the second barrel or is it just as you are going to bottle
I find racking gives me a cleaner beer and far less sediment , you usually only end up with a very small dark sediment
After you have racked for about 4 days , repeat the method (do not leave for 4 days ) and add priming sugar at the rate of 180 gm per 23 litres to the second fermentor
Then bottle immediately
you can rack anything you want. leaving a beer in a secondary ferment for a week or two or three will allow more of the sediment to drop out and you may even drop a point or two of your fg. it also gives you the chance to dry hop. lastly, only prime your beer right before bottling. enjoy.

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