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Hi all.

I'm looking at making an extract/partial porter. The brew I have chosen is a based on Palmers Porter recipe.

My LHB has what I need except for Horizon Hops. I have POR Cluster and Cascade Hops left over from previous brews. So I thought I would try utilise what I have first.

The recipe calls for 14 grams of Horizon at an hour long boil for a total of 21 IBU's.

I am thinking of using 20 grams of the POR at an hour boil for the same 21 IBUS. (according to the beer designer spread sheet)

Am I correct thinking that the hour long boil of the Horizon negates any aroma with the only concern being achieving a similar IBU calculation ??

Hop character still comes through in my experience in bittering additions, some hops/beers more so than others. Darker beers with more spec malts will likely exhibit less character though, especially in such small amounts.

You may experience some PoR character in the flavour - if you don't hate cooper's stout, you may not mind it in a dark beer. Personally I think it would be fine if you want to use what you have but I don't believe that bittering hops impart only bittering.

Cascade might be quite nice for a porter with slight orange/grapefruit character
Thanks for that info Mant. Based on that I'll go with the PoR simply because I want to use what I have.

I'm not sure about Magnum being at my LHBS . It's a suitable substitute I'm assuming?
Por is a good substitute for Horizon provided it is fresh.
There is nothing worse in taste than "old" or badly stored Por.
I dont buy Por any more as Horizon is a great substitute and its storageability is much better.
As nick jd pointed out Magnum is also a substitute.
If your software calculates the ibu for the different aa levels then you will be right


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