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Hey brew crew,

I'm about to brew a fwk niepa. The kit says it should finish up around 5.5-6% ABV and I tend to enjoy my pales up towards 6.5-7.5. So I'm thinking I might top up the wort with and 300-500 grams of light malt extract and then dry hop post fermentation with around 50 grams each of Citra Mosaic and Galaxy.

I am planning to pitch the yeast at about 16 Celcius then slowly raise temp to 21 over the first 24 hours. After primary is completed I'll soft crash back to 16, add the hops, hold at 16 for 48 hours then bring her down to 2 degrees for a 72 hour cold crash then bottle condition for 3 weeks.

Can any of you guys see any problems with this plan? I will be taking the OG before and after adding the malt and I know the expected FG of the kit from the maker. Should I add yeast nutrients to increase efficiency to keep my yeast healthy to hit my desired ABV?

Do I need to know which hops were added during the boil and WP to make sure my dry hop additions don't clash or is my selection a pretty safe combo?

Cheers in advance 👍👍


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Sorry if you've already brewed this.

I think you'll need a bit more DME to get you to 7% (middle of your range), but it depends on your batch size. Don't forget to boil the DME, don't just dump it in.

Another option, most of the FWKs I have seen tell you to add some water to the kit (5L or so), if you just skip this you will have a stronger beer (although less of it). This will increase all aspects of the beer though, not just ABV, so keep that in mind.

In terms of ferment temp, its a bit hard to say without the yeast strain, but for ales I generally keep it 17/18 for the first few days before raising it up for Diacetyl rest. I wouldn't be raising it up in the first 24h. If you've already done this though I wouldn't stress about it.

I add yeast nutrient to every batch, so would do it too. If you're bumping the ABV significantly I would also check your pitching rate.

Hops are a bit of a personal preference, but none of those look out of place, as long as you like them you should be good. People still have varying opinions on best time to add them though (tail end of fermentation vs short and cold).


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