Pick Up Tube Vs False Bottom For Kettle

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Hi guys, I have just recently acquired a 98L stainless brew kettle, I have it fitted with a very crude copper pick up tube whist I decide on whether to get a stainless pick up tube with hop screen or a stainless false bottom. I have had a bit of a search and couldnt really find much apart from the risk of hot break getting caught under the falsie and burning (is this really a risk to worry about?).

In my old kettle I successfully used a copper pick up tube with whirlpooling, however when I used a heap of flowers as late additions it got clogged and I had to use a siphon a few times. I intend to use both flowers and pellets entertained using a hop sock, but I really like the idea of the late flowers spreading themselves around the wort.

My kettle has a base diameter of 47cm so would a 30cm falsie be satisfactory?

What are peoples opinions of one over another, in particular if anyone has used both, which one do you prefer and why?

Cheers and thanks in advance.