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Just back from a few days in Halls Gap.

Ducked down to the brewery for lunch. Place smells like a brew day, brewing out back and serving out front.

Beers I tried were all pretty good for me.

Stone cold hazy - Super happy to see the American wheat beer on the menu, only seen it a few other places and I think it is a great alternative to a pale ale.

Didn’t get to dwell here as kid was due for a nap and doesn’t sit long once the chips are all eaten.

Tasting paddle was good pony sized glasses or at least close bigger than most I would say.

Traveller - Pale ale, nice in my opinion,

Rotating NEIPA - again pretty nice.

Red 67 - Red IPA again nice and not just the usual on offer.

Darth Vader - Stout, enjoyed this but was getting told to finish my drinks at this stage.

Food was nice nothing terribly exciting but good chicken burger, calamari and the gravy on the poutin was on point and definitely suited being consumed with beer.