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hi felllow brewers!

Well a true novice here .. my trouble is firstly .. my wort is over active i use the method, as described in "grumpy's brewhaus" phamplet, "using a pint glass add 2oo ml of luke warm water 1/2 teaspoon household sugar and the dried yeast sachet from a cooppers brew! - stir to disolve - cover with cling wrap and place aside for about 20 mins, yeast is active and i add and stir in - lock fermenter cap place on airlock then after about 3 to six hours - trouble commences - brew blows out of airlock for about a day I have to keep replentishin airlock water as well as cleaning up "froth" mess.

i am adhering to the temeratures of 26 to 33 degrees when i add the yeast also my brewing is within the perimiters of 18 to 24 degrees allowing that on a fairly warm day the temperature does increase slightly.

next question i wish to pose my brewing time is taking up to ten plus days before i bottle, then my sg reading is sometimes high like 1012/1015 as well as the brew is still working as the airlock has only slowed down to some 22/25 seconds compared with an initial 10/15 seconds ...

have received advice to bottle when airlock slows down considerably what do some of you think is considerably?

gerryman (definately a novice) or should i seek employment with a major brewery???



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I am guessing your brewing a Coopers Old Dark Ale?


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Don't bottle it if there's still activity through the airlock. Try racking to another container after the major activity has finished & then let it sit for another week or so until all the bubbles have stopped. If you can, after that stick it at 4oC for a couple of weeks & then bottle. You won't do any harm letting it sit for longer in the fermenter but you can do some real damage if you bottle too soon & end up with a stack of hand grenades.


While your yeast does not seem to be harmed, it is generally better to add nothing to the rehydration water.

Pitch when wort is at about 23-25C, ferment at 17-24C. What sort of fermenter do you have? A squat Coopers/Brewiser one or a "normal" taller 30L plastic fermenter?

If you leave the lid off when the krausen is at its height you may find it doesn't climb out the fermenter, or not as much. Put the lid back on when it subsides.

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