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Sort of relevant i guess...but i have become a fan of chilling in the cube or slow chill what ever you want to call it for beers with late hops.

A few minutes after FO add hops, stir for 5 mins, let sit for 10min, drain to jerry, squeeze all air out and seal, let sit for 5min on each side, chuck in open concrete water tank with rope.
This time of year its too cold to pitch yeast after 1/2 hour in there.
I usually pitch the next day but left the last brew for 4 days with no ill effects. Of course others MMV
I put em in the pool after 15 minutes in the cube. No changes to hop additions and my beers are tasting pretty much the same maybe a little more bitter. I did a little experiment and left the cubes for 5 weeks after cooling them in the pool. All fermented now and no worries with infection.