My Ipa Is Dead!?

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I brewed a full boil extract IPA which I bottled on 19 Jan. This was my favorite beer out of all my brews so far. Its almost all gone now(RIP) :(

...but the last couple of bottles I've cracked within the last few days are almost a totally different beer? The strong hop aroma and flavor has really dropped off all of a sudden. I had to double check I had opened the right bottle last night, it just wasn't the same beer. I knew with big flavor/aroma hop beers that they fade with age but I didn't realise it would be this quick and sudden? Its really only a couple of months old.

Is this the norm for IPA's/APA's?

Due to lack of fridge space I generally store my bottles at room temp and whack them in the fridge a day or so before they get drunk. Would refrigerating them as soon as they have carbed up help prolong the life of these hoppy beers?

Good news is I just put down another brew of this recipe(converted to AG) so I shouldn't have too long to mourn its passing ;)
Unfortunately hop aroma then flavour will fade in a couple of months. The higher the storage temp the faster they fade. The hop character will last longer if the bottles are stored cold (eg. in the back of the fridge).
Hoppy styles need to be had in a couple of months. The bitterness also fades but at a slower rate.
So nothing wrong or unusual about your beer. On the bright side it is a good reason to brew a fresh batch. :D

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