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If all goes to plan, should be walking up Mt Warning on Sunday, purely for shits and giggles. Anybody done it, anything I should look out for, any thoughts? This will be a day hike, unfortunately not starting at 3am (I don't think so anyway...).
I have done it and I would say look out for snakes as i saw shitloads of them. Also scrub turkeys.

wait a sec, its winter. Probably dont need to worry about the snakes!
I've walked up it a couple of times. I found it easier on the knees to jog/run back down rather than walk.

- Snow
Yeah, look out for strangler figs. They're a killer!!

...and don't leave any valuables in the car. It is break and enter paradise.

...and take a beer to drink at the top.
It's shame you're not doing the morning walk. It's cold up top, so pack a jacket at least, along with enough water to see you up and back. We did it in July 04. A picture descibes it better than any fumbling words, and one picture doesn't do justice.

Yep, I'll definitely be bringing the Minolta, and about 4-6L of water.
Bananas, sandwiches too probably.

Thanks for the heads up about people stealing valuables from cars parked down the bottom for ~5 hours... didn't think of that.

Thanks again.
Don't overdose on the water. Have you seen the reports recently about hyponatraemia (overdosing on water) being more dangerous to endurance athletes than dehydration? The trick is not to drink any more than you sweat and to have some salt as well as fluids. The salt in sports drink is not really enough. Pretzels anyone?
I weigh about 115kg, I was going to pack 4L in and have a bottle (600mL or so) in my hands, plus I get dehydrated fairly easily. I'm not necessarily going to drink that much water, but I'd prefer to keep it there in case I need it. If it's too heavy, I will firstly cry in shame, and then probably stash it halfway up.
It would be nice if we were going up in the morning, but probably better to plan ahead for a moonlit night, and know the trail.
My wife and I did this at age 60 and the only strenuous bit was the last couple of hundred feet pulling ourselves up the chains. Also, we left our run a little late and it was a bit of a race to get back before dark. There aint no street lights, but as a born and bred sand plain person, I found the forest fascinating.
Well, did it.
Went through 3L of water, some dates and some bananas. Wishing I'd brought a nice thick sandwich, but ah well.



You can easily see Byron Bay and Surfers Paradise, both about 50km away. Though I don't think that pic shows them...

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