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I am a big AFL Dream Team nut and have gotten my Father in Law hooked too. So the last 6 years we compete against eachother for a carton of beer. The good thing is that we are both homebrew newbies so changed the prize to a boutique kit for the LHBS.

As I won this year I was going to get him to get me a Fat Yak Pale, but the bloke got served before me purchased the last one. Anyway to the point, I got a LCPA. I made this on fathers day and by golly does is smell like a great beer :D

The kit included:
1 x Black Rock East India Pale Ale can
1kg of brewsugar #10 (75% Dextrose and (25%LDM)
15g of Goldings finishing hops
Safale 4 yeast

It has been sitting at 18-20* when I checked it the last couple of nights and looks to be doing the business.

Really looking forward to tasting this and will post some pictures when I take a reading later in the week.


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