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Its Danger

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Has anyone tried the new WA Summer Ale 'Elsie' made by Little Creatures?
Im over in Victoria and tried it at Little Creatures down in Geelong and really liked the refreshing, crisp, citrusy taste.

Long story short I want to try and make a clone of this for a Home Brew, but not quite sure where to start. The website says it is made of Pilsner Malt, Wheat malt, Golden Naked Oats as the malts. Hops are Brewers Gold and Helga Cones. It is also in the style of a California Common but is an Ale.

So I assume it is something along the lines of
Tin Kit Pilsner
Tin Kit American Pale Ale
10g Brewers Gold Hops
10g Helga Cones Hops
MJ M54 California Yeast or Safale 05 Dry Ale

Would anyone that has a bit more experience be able to give any tips or has something closer?

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