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southsideFoLyfe, Brisbane
So finally filtered a Morgan Golden Saaz pilsener + 15g dry hop Saaz pellets from fermentor into my keg. Took me about 1 & 1/2 hours to remember which tubes and beer lines, etc, etc how to gravity filter through .45 micron filter. I could have just filtered through kegs and forced CO2 but I am of Scottish extraction and a cheap bastard most of the time!

So I was forced to get the siphon going using my mouth and was forced to accidentally imbibe some of the uncarb'd beer. It was terrible!! I LOVE Saaz....... :icon_drool2: :)

So I am now watching "Show down in little Tokyo" with Dolph Lundgren and happily listening to new keg bubbling away as it carb's inside the keg fridge. Wife asleep upstairs and 7 month old wee man sleeping away as well.

Happy days. Hope the keg carbs up before Sunday so I can put some of it into one of my new (to me) 11L kegs and take it to Sunday lunch time bbq......

Feel free to ignore this post or add some random ramblings.

Ooooh, new brewery name: Random ramblings. I trademark it!!

And I did try and find the "no topic no point" post to add my rubbish to, but could not find it. Maybe it should be bookmarked on the front page of the forums?? :)