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DJ - If I understand what you've said correctly, yes it's not that big of an advantage, saves you from having to disconnect lines if the second or subsequent kegs are at a higher pressure than the one connected to the primary regulator. You wouldn't pay tonnes more for it, but if it's an extra $5-10 I'd pay for it.

Btw guys I've got my first brew in the fermenter now (a cider actually), and I'll be starting up two beers over the next couple of weeks, but I have a small problem. Soon I will have two brews in the kegerator ready for drinking, and the third brew will be fermenting (I only have 2 fermenters). My problem is that while the two ready brews are in the kegerator, I won't be able to temperature control my 3rd fermenting brew, because I'll have no fridge free, and it will be necessary to temp control because I'll need to keep it between 18-22 Deg C, and by that time we'll be well in to summer and there'll be 30-40 degree days in there. So I was going to take the 2 finished kegs out of the kegerator and put the fermenting beer in there, set it to 19 Deg and leave it for a week (and yes, sacrifice drinking the finished beer for a week). My question is, is there any problem in taking out the finished kegs, leaving them at ambient temperature for a week without any gas pressure, and then once the 3rd brew is finished fermenting, put the two finished kegs back in the kegerator, hook the gas up again, and resume drinking? I'm not sure if the drastic change in temperature and not having them hooked up to the gas for a week would ruin them so I couldn't get them back to a drinkable condition? And if it's ok to do this, how much time would it take to re-carbonate them?


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