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They are great products. I haven't used one with wifi, but I would like to!
Wifi Monitoring would be a great addition to my system
yep please count me in, i can see multiple uses for the wireless version in my brewing/distilling shed
I just happened to click on the link from a recent email to see what the fuss was all about. I must admit this looks like a seriously useful piece of kit...having the ability to easily remotely monitor your temps would so good, and having a nice compact little unit capable of heating AND cooling looks terrific. I'm getting my research boots on now...gotta find out more!
Count me in too please. Got one for my fermentation fridge recently and now I need one for my new kegerator too! So easy to control from your smartphone :)
Would love one of these in my brewing system,
the wifi would save me having to brave the bloody cold temps to get to my shed, and offer peace of mind that the temp is controlled
Let my boss at work use my 308 to see if it helped his temp control. I think i now need a new one because he loves it
Count me in, currently have the non-wifi version but would love to be able to control via wifi
I have so many inkbird products for bbq and brewing, because they work well as stated. I love em . I dont have a wifi 308.

Regards dale_73 / TwoCrows
Hi, all guys, now I will giveaway a ITC-308 wifi Temp controller. Now it's on discount ,only for $AU $52.49
Here is the link: Inkbird New Temp Controller √ ITC-308 Updated Version √ Support WIFI √ 2400W √ | eBay

Giveaway Rules:
1. This giveaway is only applied to whom is in Australia.
2. Enter and say your opinion
3. One Winner will be selected randomly on 2021-7-13 (Next Tuesday)
Wish all of you good luck 🥰
Best regards.
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Would love one. Really like the one I have, but wifi would be awesome.
Oh this is great!
Perfect temperature control and easy to use, the ability to monitor and adjust the temperature via Wifi makes it next level for fermentation control

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