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Love my inkbird but no wifi so cold walks to the shed in the winter hills. Struggling to keep fermentation temps up to 35 so the heat belt would be brilliant for winter Kveik brews!
From what I have read these products are excellent quality. I would love these products to improve my brewing.
So, yes please.
I love my ITC-310 and would love an ITC-308 to go along with it to control my other fermenting/cheese ripening fridge
Would love a wifi controller please, the extra level of control with the ferm fridge in the shed would be super useful.

OK please count me in, I have an ITC-308 and still going strong after many years. I would love to try out the ITC-308 wifi
I have been using the 308 for a while now and love it's simplicity and reliability. How do you make something great even better.......... simply add wifi!
Yes please, i need a new controller, my ITC-1000 died a few weeks ago and need a new controller and a 308 would be really nice.
Most generous and would love to be considered. Love my inkbird controller. This would be just the ticket for my second ferm fridge.
Although i never win anything i enter into, Count me in, you gotta be in it to win it i can see awesome potentials for this wireless controller for my brewing
I have a non wifi one, also an inky instant read thermometer and a BBQ go for my smoker. You guys make great stuff.

I’d love a wifi 308 as well. You just can’t have enough good Inkbird stuff!
thanks for your kind love about our products, mate.
Best regards.

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