How many brewers from Darwin do we have here?

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I can't be the only one. There must be a few hiding somewhere around the shop.

The more I look into the cost of freight the more I am thinking about just shipping a whole pallet of grain from down south. I dunno how long unmilled grain lasts in tropical conditions but I don't think I'd use an entire pallet in the time it would take to go off. :p

If there's other brewers hiding around who'd be interested in getting in on some grain we could split the shipment and each of us save a lot of cash in the long run. There's only so many times I can clear out all the dry malt in Big W (sorry if you went looking for some and found an empty shelf!).
Don't know of an Darwin residents as such, but judging by the apparent consumption of some on here, a few are in the running for Darwin Awards.
I've seen quite a few in my few short months on here...usually complaining about the lack of home brew ingredients! A quick search of the forums turns up:

Lazy Brew
Mud Gecko
Last time I saw TerritoryBrew he'd moved to Vic but he might know a few. He disappeared from the forum a while back though so probably won't see this post.

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