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Hi guys.

After brewing a 'Partial' IPA out of 'The Complete Joy Of Home Brewing' and it turning out really well Ive decided to brew a few more of the Partials in the book. Only all his brews are 19l and all that hard work just doesnt get my hard work:Beer ratio high enough. Being very new to Brew mate. Never used it before. I set the brew volume to 19l added all the ingrediants and then increased the boil volume to 24l. This increased all my ingrediants which is all good. But when I want to start mashing the grain and try and work out the increase in water volumes needed and increase in strike water temps to get my mash temp right I start to struggle.

The recipe only has 1.4kg of american 2 row for the 19L batch, increasing it to a 24L batch brings it to 1.76kg.
The 19l batch calls for 3L at 65c add grain and should stabilize at around 56c. Hold for 30mins then add 1.5L of boiling water this should raise the temp to around 68c then hold it at that for 45mins.
I used this method with the Ipa I made just with different water volumes and it worked well.

Just wondered if theres an easy way to work out how much more water to add when increase batch volumes, and if i need to increase strike temp to hit the right mash temp.

Cheers Rob


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dont change your batch volume to 24L thats what you are doing. The changing from 19 to 24. There is nothing else to change on brew mate to do this.


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I'm not sure I completely understand your problem but I'll try to help.

If you are increasing your volume of grain from 1.4 to 1.76kg you also need to increase your volume of water for mash in and a sparge or step addition volume increase won't hurt either. Knowing how much to increase your water volume is easy. Brewmate will do it for you. Once you have your recipe sorted for 19L click on brew day and check your water volume. You can adjust it to whatever you want. Once you have the desired mash in and sparge volumes etc. for 19L check the ratios in Litres per kg. write it down so you don't forget. Then close down brew day and adjust your grain volume for whatrever size brew you want. Then go back into brew day and adjust your water volumes so the ratios are the same. If the ratio of grain:water remains constant you shouldn't have to adjust your temperatures.

That should get you pretty close, I think. Failing that just have a play around with the brew day page. You'll soon get the hang of it.

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