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Gday all,
im new to the forums, so i dunno whos seen these b4 or not, but i have made a GMK inline filter (kudos to the barossa boy) and heres some pics
the filter i got from bunnings for 4.90 and the clips i already had from my irrigation system, but they are like 10c each. the tube is just some leftovers i also had...

this pic is of it dissassembled, but you get the idea.

excellent work....

Well done...
I've used one of these for a while, they do a great job.

I always reverse flush mine thoroughly after use, then sanitise before use. Does anyone know if these things have a definite lifespan?

(Must be the scottish in me coming out, worrying over a $4 part)
Mines starting to leak...Bummer. It leaks out of the inflow end of the filter and dribbles wort down the outside of the filter case - it didn't stay in place all that long when I saw the wasted wort!

Pulled it apart, gave it a good clean and used it for the next brew - still leaking so it looks like my filter carked it after about 18 months...

So you just buy the filter at bunnings and wack it on the end of some tubing?

Sounds easier enough...
Thats it ;) i just found that there was little information on how to make one, but plenty of refrences on using one... so i just whacked one together and took a pic to help out B)

Scratch ya later,
Does the part/filter have a name so I know what to ask for when I get to bunnings?
sluggerdog: its just called an irrigation filter, mine is made by pope.

They're easy to spot, just take along the picture to compare against :)
Yeah, mines a Pope inline irrigation filter too...
Bunnings has shitloads of them - the unit is around $12 and comes with the black barbs, body, white plastic filter insert and you need to buy a couple of plastic hose clips so you can cramp the racking tubes onto each end of the filter. Buy 3 clips - two for the racking tube between the inflow barb on the filter and the fermenter tap and the third one clamps the racking tube onto the outflow barb of the inline filter then coil the rest of the racking tube around the base of the racking fermenter so you get a whirlpool effect when you rack the beer - it makes bulk priming a piece of piss...I never bother to stir when you have a whirlpool doing the job for you!
Hmm... so, I need one of these between the primary & secondary.
How much gunk do they get out? What's in them?
I am tired of being so paranoid about siphoning out the cake, especially when we all know yeast is our friend.
Fear not, the yeast!

I use mine to rack to secondary and then to bulk prime a couple of weeks later - unless you keg, of course!

They don't filter out a hell of a lot of crap - your beer shouldn't have tons of hop debris floating in it anyway, but the little particles do get trapped in the white plastic sleeve. Obviously it wont filter out the yeast and that's a good thing anyway - you want the yeast in suspension to stay in the beer to further condition it anyway.

As for the yeast cake, keep an eye on the fluid level exiting the fermenter and turn off before you suck it all down...My yeast cakes are typically nice and firm and they usually sit under the tap level so the syphon normally breaks before the racking tube sucks in any of the cake.

hey, my filter was only 4 bucks mate. no white bits in it either, the interior of it is just plastic, no organics in there.

just take the pic to the shops. no need to overcomplicate things. KISS
Has anyonle used a "GMK inline filter" with a autosyphon?

I tried last night to bottle with the filter in line, but I'm buggered if i can see how to easily fit it in, as the racking/bottling gear is too small for the filter. Is it possible to get a irrig filter with smaller barbs, that dont require 1/2 inch tubing?
How about some pics of peoples beer after filtering with these type of filters??. I just got one from bunnings for 7 bucks!!. I dont expect crystal clear beer, but fairly clear would be good. I would get one of ross' filter set ups, but since bub came along the brewing budget has been slashed haha!!
MJE: It's not that sort of filter. It won't directly help the clarity of your beer. But what it does do is trap any hop debris or trub that would normally be transferred with the beer.

Removing this stuff means the beer will settle faster, ending up clearer quicker. But it's more about not taking as much crap along when you rack to secondary/bottling bucket.
Might have to save up if i want crystal clear then, or stick with whitbread!
Made my own "GMK inline filter" and it worked a treat. Kept those nasty hop leaves out!

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