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Fs> 2x Alumasc Beer Taps Including Fat Lock Shank And Jg Fittings

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Doing some tidying up of the brewery areas and after thinking about it long and hard I have decided to part with a few things. First up is 2 x Alumsac Beer Taps with a Fatlock adaptor attached (Means taps can be taken off for cleaning etc without beer going everywhere). The shank allows about 54mm of clearance before the locking nut and JG fittings. It also includes the JG fittings and the liquid disconnect. The beer line attached is only for show and will need new line. Also included is some clips that fit around the neck of the tap just below the handle and with a bit of cardboard and some double sided mounting tape you can mount your logo onto it as shown in the last photo.

All is in good working order the only wear and tear is a bit of the gold paint fading around the neck of one of the taps. This doesnt affect the functionality and I only noticed when taking the taps off.

Id prefer to sell both together and they will fit in a 3kg post pack (around $13 anywhere in Aust) - Im chasing $200 ono for both with all the bits shown in the photos included.