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Hi all,
first up I'm in Sydney, in the St George area.

Second up, we will moving in a few weeks to a smaller house, that doesn't have 4 sheds and ample storage space for hundreds and hundreds of empty beer bottles. So SWMBO has told me that I can only take a couple of hundred empties to the new place. This means I have to cull bottles.

So, I have 100 twist top long necks to give away for the cost of a bottle or two of your finest. All are in crates or boxes and have been thoroughly cleaned previously but have since gathered a little dust, as they were at the end of my bottling rotation. A fresh soak and rinse and they'll be good as new. The bottles are a bit of a mixed bag for brands, but some are the older 800ml CUB long necks that make bottling a batch just that little quicker. All are in good nick, with not chips etc.

I am happy for someone to take the lot in one hit, and the sooner the better, ie this weekend would be a good time to get rid of them, but another suitable time can be arranged if needed.

PM if interested.



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