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For Sale - Fridge, EK Tap and Snaplok Adapters (3011)

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I recently upgraded my kegging system so have a few things that I no longer need.

370L Fridge - $30
This is a fridge only unit (no freezer section). I have been using it as a kegerator until I recently upgraded to a keg master setup. This could be used as a kegerator but would also be great as a fermentation fridge. There is a hole on either side, one where the tap is in the photo and one on the opposite side that is filled in with silicon.
Fridge Inside.JPG
Fridge Outside.JPG

E K Tap - $35
Chrome plated brass. Long shank so ideal for a converted fridge. Good condition but again selling due to recently purchasing a keg master setup.

4 X Snaplok Adapters for Corny Kegs - $30 each or $100 for all 4
Stainless steel. These screw on to the kegs where the standard posts go. I have pulled each of these apart to clean them and all of the rubber seals are in good condition. Selling as I have decided to standise all of me keg adapters with ball lock posts and quick disconnects.
Snaplok Corny.JPG

Snaplok adapter liquid - $20
Stainless steel. Liquid adapter that connects to the snaplok adapters on the corny kegs.
Snaplok Liquid.JPG

Snaplok adapter gas - $10
Chrome plated brass. Gas adapter that connects to the snaplok adapters on the corny kegs.
Snaplok Gas.JPG

I have been using 5mm/8mm ID/OD line.

Location: Footscray 3011

Pickup only at this stage.


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Where are you located? Might be interested

Edit: i should learn to read.


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