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Hi All,

Late last year I obtained some great looking Belgium beer taps for my fridge. Unfortunately one of the faucets did not come with a back nut to allow the tap to fixed to the fridge door. Currently only one of the two taps are installed. These faucet shanks use the same thread as the american system.

So two Q's

1. Does anyone know the thread type/size?

2. Does anyone know where to buy these types of nuts in NSW or Australia?

Thanks for your help


You could take it down to your local engineering/bearing/bolt shop and get them to check it with a thread gauge.( these things look like feeler gauges but have teeth on them)

It will be one off the following


Hope this helps...
If I were you I'll just take it to your local pumbing supply

Post a pic if you can plus a rough measurement of the OD of the thread, I have some Alumasc ones I just got from the UK and the thread on the back is the same as the brass 1/2" BSP nuts you use to make mash tun fittings with

Cheers Ausdb
Hi Guys,

Thanks for the responses and ideas. As requested - here is a pic of the tap - purchased off ebay about 1 yr ago from the UK guys who imported belgium beers into England.

I am fairly sure that it is 1/2" and will take it to reece plumbing this morning.

They'll have what you need

BTW very very nice tap you have there

markws says:
I am fairly sure that it is 1/2" and will take it to reece plumbing this morning.

Yep Its 1/2" - like the morebeer ones, just a weird threat type (not BSP anyway). I'd be interested to know what it is if you find out...

Asher for now
Most plumbing stuff is BSP ( British Standard Pipe ). Most, but not all.
Hi All,

Thanks for the info - so far I have been to bunnings, Reece and another hardware store in Chatswood - so far all I know is that it is around 18mm diameter and not BSP.

None of the local brew shop can help - funny that - so the hunt continues.

Morebeer sys they offer the locking nut for $3 US. Maybe Boamonts in Brookvale will be my savour.

Life is definately not meant to be super easy !!


Easier to go to an engineering supply shop.

They would ahve the nut, and be able to tell you what thread it is...
A good engineering joint will make a nut to fit ...
Cheers fnqbunyip
Today I have an opportunity to head over to Brookvale to look for a nut for by belgium beer tap shank.

Unfortunately Boamonts / Hardware and general and kwickfit were unable to help. :( ........

After speaking with Gerard M I have an appointment with Keg systems in Beaconsfield on Monday to see if they have a solution.

so-far the diameter is 22.60mm with 14 TPI - but fig-know's what type of thread it truely is....... :huh:

May be some mysteries are not meant to be solved .......


Craig Decon from Keg Systems sorted me out with some taps I got from a mate in Austria a few years back. He even turned down the shanks to accept the right fittings for me.
I'm sure he will sort you out.