Emerson's Craft Beer Taken Off Tap In Nz Pubs

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FYI - this story was in Business Day on 6 Nov.

The empire strikes back?

Lion won't 'water down' Emerson's
Lion admits it expected reaction to its takeover of Dunedin craft brewer Emerson's insisting it ''won't homogenise and water it down''.

The Japanese-owned brewer was reacting to news that some bars have already indicated they will no longer stock Emerson's after the sale, and a strong reaction on social media.

While it was ''disappointing'' that some bars seemed likely to drop Emerson's products, the company anticipated a strong reaction to the deal, brand manager Danny Phillips said.

''I think it's really good that people are passionate about beer and passionate about craft beer. We knew there were going to be a range of opinions on it,'' Mr Phillips said.

Founded in 1992 by the profoundly deaf Richard Emerson, Emerson's is one of the best known independent brewers in New Zealand.

Reaction to the sale was swift, with Hashigo Zake, a Wellington Taranaki St pub which immodestly describes itself as a "cult beer bar" saying it was saddened by the news and would stop selling Emerson's beer.

"Hashigo Zake's owners, staff and customers have been big supporters of Emerson's, we've collaborated with the brewery in the past and Richard and other brewery staff have been popular visitors to Hashigo Zake" owner Dominic Kelly said, describing Emerson's as New Zealand's best-known independent craft brewer....

Full story at http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/industries...er-sale-to-Lion

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