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HI All,

Im Cam, I live in Townsville and have been bitten by the bug.

I brought a homebrew kit a few weeks ago, bottled my first PRemium Blond on Sunday and kicked off a Cerveza which is bubbling away nicely.

Keen to get a few tips on brewing in the tropics and also explore the more hard core stuff like making your own mash and extract. Also trying to convince the missus that a kegerator makes a refined piece of lounge room furnature.
Luckily she is partial to a beer or 2 so I guess if my first few brews turn out ok in a month or 2 I will be starting that project.

temperature control is the first thing on the list to make your brew better
have a read of www.howtobrew.com
and if you've got anything you're not sure of, just ask away, most of us are pretty friendly :)

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