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A mate of mine suggests that 0.5 Kg of DME is equivalent to 1 Kg of LME. Is this the case??

The figures I see are between 75-80% like Johnno says.

It wouldn't be 50% - they are a little thick for 50% water.

Promash shows extract as being 317.4 l/kg for liquid and 384.2
for dry.
So thats 82%... 80% to be safe.
0.5 kg DME is roughly equivalent to 1 kg of malted barley, not LME. I think the usual rules when substituting into AG recipes are 1 kg malted barley = 2/3 kg LME = 0.5 kg DME (75%).
Ok, that makes sense - I made up a Cascade Spicy ghost using 1 KG of Cooper's Light Dry malt. It's been 3 weeks in the bottle and it's delicious - expect it will get even better. Surprised me really, considering the comments I've seen re Cascade kits on this board.

Just on those conversions ..

If I wanted to convert an AG recipe to extract, I'd use 2/3kg LME or 1/2kg DME in place of each kg of base grain

Is that right ?
Correct Jaytee. Obviously it will vary slightly depending on the exact characteristics of the extract you're using. :)