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Hey all,

so I have just acquired a draught system for myself and went with Pin Locks as I like the fact I can't mix up QDs in a drunken haze or similar and I also already had one I borrowed from my brothers FIL who has brewed and kegged for a long time, that I have been ageing a RIS in for the last 6 months.

Having setup my ferment fridge with a tap as a stop gap til a suitable fridge comes along, tonight I thought I would hook up my Imperial Stout and have a little taste test and thus began my woes.
The keg I have borrowed is the old style keg with a screw in lid, the new ones are the hatch style, hooked up the liquid post and it was leaking everywhere "no worries I thought the O-ring is probably shagged" (it was and I replaced) tried again, still leaked!
On closer inspection of the posts, the old style keg posts are shorter (from pins to top of post) than the new style hatch kegs, measured them and sure enough there is 2mm difference!

Any ideas on how I can improvise to fill the 2mm?
At this point I am thinking my only option is going to be transferring out of the old style keg and into the new.


FWIW the old kegs posts look like http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-Turret-Pin-...=item3a7ab66909
It is more than just shorter posts. They are actually a different diameter also.
Newer, US?, pinlocks are larger diameter and you will never get the red plastic QD's to fit and seal on the older, Aussie?, kegs.
Righto, well I had best be organising a time to go to the bro's inlaws and hook his keg up and transfer the black gold that is my RIS into one of my kegs.

The smaller diameter post 'clicks' now as the post was wobbling all over the shop, cheers for the response Nige.

*sigh* best be getting some more kegs ordered ;)

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