Carahell Mash/steep Time And Parti Gyle Brewday

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This weekend I plan to try a partigyle brewday to make a SFPA with the first runnings and some mid strength beers with the second runnings

2nd run A will be a LC Rogers style midstrength american amber ale
2nd run B will be an english mild style

To adjust the colour of the second runnings I plan to add some carafa TI or chocolate malt to the tun before I recharge it. I also plan to add some weyermann carahell to bring the gravity up a bit but mainly to add some body to the beers. I note on their website it may be used up to 30% in reduced alchohol beers.

How long should I let this steep/mash for?
Does carahell need to be fully mashed or can it just steep?

As an alternative I could do a minimash with the carhell and carafa as I have a small esky mash tun from my early experiments

Cheers ausdb

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