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Hi Guys,

I have done two BIAB brews and absentmindedly forgot that I needed to calibrate the equipment and update the equipment profile in Beersmith. So in an attempt to get it right for the third brew I did a few things after some research and funds to carry it out.

Its basically a 50 litre pot (diameter 40cm) with a 2000w element on the bottom. However to speed up to the boil from mashout I purchased an OTS 2500w element with both going to get to the boil.

Firstly, I purchased some insulation and after much stuffing around, managed to get it surrounding the 50 Litre Pot I have.

I then decided I would measure the boil with:

1: Element 2000w boiling on its own. I boiled 32 litres down and ended up with 25 litres after the boil giving me an evap rate of 14.6% - It seemed to simmer

2: Element 2500w OTS running on its own for the boil. I boiled 32 litres and ended up with 24 litres after the boil giving me an evap rate of 16.7% It seemed a little more vigorous that no 1 -

3: Both going at the same time. Again same quantity and ended up with an evap rate of 25%

The roiling boil seems best suited to option no 2. I just wanted to know what everybody else thinks is suitable in terms of how vigorous their boil is and what they think is reasonable to expect in evap rates.

I definately think an evap rate of 25% is just wasting energy. I have done one brew with both going at the same time and there was no hint of DMS, and the other brew was using both for the first 30 minutes at the initial boil then using just the OTS for the last 60 minutes Again no problems with DMS..

Im wondering if whether to try using just the 2000w and chance it for the next brew? Or just stick with option no 2?
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Gulmarrad, NSW
I think you can boil too hard & as long as you boil off at least 10%, you'll be fine.
25% in my opinion is just a waste of power & way too much evaporation.
I think the 14.6% boil off is more than enough & I would probably stick with this option or go option 2. Either would be more than adequate.
I use a Crown urn & my boil off rate is @10% & it's just a rolling gentle boil & I think that's quite sufficient.


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Wort needs to visibly move which it seems to be in all videos. 14% is plenty. 8-10% would suffice.

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