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Hi All,

Well the update continues.......

The bubbling has stopped, the Sg was 1006. The wife wants the barrel gone, the kids claim they will go to the union for more money if I dont pay more attention to them.

I lifted the lid very gently and set up to rack. Couldn't resist a little taste and OH MY GOD - it would have to be the bitterest thing I have ever tasted! :( Near made my face cave in. (wife thought it was funny anyway.)

There was a pretty thick scum around the top water mark and a lot of goo in the bottom of the drum. There was, what appeared to be, pieces of corn husk floating around in the brew.

Any advice as to what I have done wrong? I cleaned everything with the white stuff that came with the kit, including the work area and all utensils that I used, made sue that the lid was sealed and the airlock in place, the tempreture never went over 28 degrees.

I let about 1 litre drain into a bucket until I got clear beer, I didnt let it slash or aerate into the second drum. I took the sample mid flow and before I added the finings.

The water I used in the mix noramlly tastes OK, not that I drink it much. I have been told that they (the council) do put a high amount of floride and other stuff into the water.

Does it improve with age or is what I have what I am going to get in 3 months when I crack the first bottle?

Thks guys

You didn't confuse the bag of dextrose for the bag of detergent by any chance? ;)
Nah, nuthin that bad, I used a beer converter pack and had everything laid out in order so I didnt stuff it up! Bl**dy thing :blink:

Kids reckon they would have used the money better and laughed something hard at me - willing to swap three kids for a kegging system - any takers!
Relax, don't worry.

One of two things is going to happen. Either it's going to end up good or bad. If it ends up bad then we'll all have a talk about it with you in the post mortum. That way we will all learn something. If it ends up good then even better. See, you can't lose :D

Just continue on with the process. keep us all across it.

it all sounds good to me!

the gunk on the bottom (good sign leave it there) thats spent yeast and proteins or something like that sediment.

The ring of what most likely dark color concrete crap is also normal :) you will learn to love to hate cleaning this out! (Tip do it as soon and you finished with your brewing or it goes hard and is harder to clean out)

Beer will smooth out with age and bitterness will balance out (hard to find a very bitter kit)

It will improve with age, become less watery, smoother, clearer nicer better

If it aint sour etc sounds like you have done well.

P.S taste much better with gas. so maybe to make yourself feel better try a stubby in a few weeks, then a month, then a few months later (if it lasts this long you are doing well :) mines gone all to quick)
If the gravity has stopped falling, prime it, bottle it and wait. The longer you wait the better.

More importantly, as soon as your fermenter is empty, sterilise the bloody thing and fill it up with beer again.

Repeat as necessary. The great beers will come.

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