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Hey guys, another one of those "help" threads from me I guess, though I am less lost this time around.

So, I was getting the ingredients for an Old Speckled Hen Extract recipe and took for granted that the signage on the HBS's hop baskets were correct. I did a dumb and forgot to read the packet. Long story short, I came home with a 100g packet of Dr Rudi rather than East Kent Goldings... :rolleyes:

Now, I am too lazy to hop back into my car and get EKG's and considering I was going to experiment with a wildly off-style yeast (Lallemand Voss rather than an English Ale style) I figured I would work with what I have.

So I am thinking I will do the following:
  1. Boil 1kg Light Dry Malt Extract alongside 250g Dextrose in about 4L of water.
  2. Add around 6g of Dr Rudi for 10m (original recipe was 10g EKG @10).
  3. Chuck into fermenter and then drop in the 1.7kg Coopers English Bitter and stir.
  4. Top up to 22-23L.
  5. Pitch 11g Voss Kviek @ 36-40*C or thereabouts.
  6. Ferment @ 36*C.
  7. Dry hop 10g Dr Rudi after Krausen drops (being Kviek, I expect that will happen in a day) - Dry hop will be about 2-3 days.
  8. Bottle as normal.
Does this sound sane enough? I know it won't taste anything like Old Speckled Hen now but I figure I can make something drinkable. Brewfather estimates around 47 IBU, though I think it also assumes I am boiling the can goop (which I won't as it will mess IBU's and other stuff up). OSH clones seem to float from 37-47 IBU so I think I am in the ballpark.

I do have a packet of Cascade and Centennial in the freezer too, but I don't want to go any harder on the Citrus.


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