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In October 2011 I bought a big 15L washing bowl with handles and drilled a hole to take a line, to use it as a lauter tun with my Beerbelly false bottom. It didn't work too well so I got a Bunnings Handi Pail, drilled that and it worked fine. Went back to BIAB anyway.

Not wishing to throw away the washing bowl I just put a round Band Aid from a box of assorted plasters over the hole and used it as a receptacle under the Marga to collect the grain bill. Also used as the bowl I drop the bag into after hoisting and draining. Sometimes the soggy bag o grain would sit there for a day, occasionally for two days until the cat piss smell in the garage reminded me that the grain needed to be tipped :unsure:

I have another identical bowl but sometimes when that bowl was in use I used the band aid bowl for use when bottling for the drips to fall into and to drop the hose in when finished syphoning into kegs, etc.
Eventually I didn't discriminate between the bowls, just used whichever one came to hand. After each use it's hosed out high pressure and left to dry in the sun.

Today I realised that the band aid has been attached for 16 month and is still in virginal condition and clinging perfectly . Above and beyond, hail the great band aid. :beerbang:

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