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Back into brewing after 7 years

Discussion in 'Welcome!' started by DiscoStu, 14/2/20.


  1. DiscoStu

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    Posted 14/2/20

    After a seven year hiatus from brewing due to my relocation to Asia I’m getting started again and back on the forum.

    Still in Singapore but I’m now in a position to rent a landed house and can set up a little all grain home brewery here. Was pleased find there is a growing homebrew community in here, but this forum is where I started and the advice and knowledge I received here helped me to get from kit&kilo to all grain so happy to be back. Was funny looking up my old posts from 7 years ago.

    Will be doing a few things different this time around, no bottles and straight to kegs for a start. Fortunately the Mrs (v2) is pretty cool with me sending the $ to get setup right from the get go.

    Look forward to engaging with you all in the different forums.

    Cheers Stu
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