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Hey everyone,

Looking at putting down a brew soon. Did a partial mash using the guide stickied to this forum ( and was pretty pleased with the result so will be doing again but unsure on my hop schedule.

I want to get some big hop flavours but don’t want to make the beer undrinkable. Found this hop schedule on an American forum and sounds good, what do you think? Unsure on amounts to use.

Chinook 1.00 oz First Wort Hopped

Chinook 0.50 oz 20 Min From End
Simcoe 0.50 oz 20 Min From End
Columbus 0.50 oz 20 Min From End
Centennial 0.50 oz 20 Min From End

Columbus 0.50 oz 5 Min From End
Simcoe 0.50 oz 5 Min From End
Centennial 0.50 oz 5 Min From End
Chinook 0.50 oz 5 Min From End

Simcoe 1.00 oz Dry-Hopped
Centennial 1.00 oz Dry-Hopped

I’m thinking of use a tin of the Thomas cooper family secret Amber ale and mashing a kilo of maybe Joe white dark Munich with maybe a small amount of carared and US 05 as not sure about the kit yeast. Also will use a kilo of LDM as fermentables.

Let me know what you think or if I am way off base. Am open to suggestions/changes on everything but the tin needs to come from big w as I have a gift card for there from a Christmas present.

I also have the hop details if needed (alpha acid%, IBU etc) apologies if formatting is dodgy I am on mobile. Thanks I appreciate the help
So I ended up making this and bottled a couple of days ago. Only difference to the above was I added about a cup or so of quick oats in the mash for mouthfeel and the hop amounts were slightly different as I was using 50-55 gram (slightly less than 2 oz) lots instead of ounces.

Used US 05 and also chucked in the kit yeast. Fermented quick and hard for about 3.5 days then quieted down a bit.

Used 200 grams carared steeped in 2L of 70c water. Boiled the wort (about 7L) from the mash of 1kg Dark munich for an hour with above hop additions then chilled the boil pot down in and esky full of ice water.

Pitched at about 20c and kept fermenting between 20-22 (no temp control besides wet towels around the fermenter.

SG was 1.061 and FG was 1.019-1.020. Stayed at 1.020 for about a week so bottled after 2 weeks and a day.

Dry hopped at about the 4 day mark in a hop sock.

Drank a glass straight out of primary and it was amazing, west coast IPA taste, hoppy and delicious sweet but balanced with the bitterness from the FWH chinook and full of fruitiness from the late hop additions. Nice body and colour from the grain, dark amber red.

All in all very pleased with how it turned out so far.

Will post pics once I crack a bottle after it's carbonated in a week or 2.

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