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American Amber Ale partial mash

Discussion in 'Partial Mash Brewing' started by carrobrew, 26/1/20.


  1. carrobrew

    New Member

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    Posted 26/1/20
    Hey everyone,

    Looking at putting down a brew soon. Did a partial mash using the guide stickied to this forum ( and was pretty pleased with the result so will be doing again but unsure on my hop schedule.

    I want to get some big hop flavours but don’t want to make the beer undrinkable. Found this hop schedule on an American forum and sounds good, what do you think? Unsure on amounts to use.

    Chinook 1.00 oz First Wort Hopped

    Chinook 0.50 oz 20 Min From End
    Simcoe 0.50 oz 20 Min From End
    Columbus 0.50 oz 20 Min From End
    Centennial 0.50 oz 20 Min From End

    Columbus 0.50 oz 5 Min From End
    Simcoe 0.50 oz 5 Min From End
    Centennial 0.50 oz 5 Min From End
    Chinook 0.50 oz 5 Min From End

    Simcoe 1.00 oz Dry-Hopped
    Centennial 1.00 oz Dry-Hopped

    I’m thinking of use a tin of the Thomas cooper family secret Amber ale and mashing a kilo of maybe Joe white dark Munich with maybe a small amount of carared and US 05 as not sure about the kit yeast. Also will use a kilo of LDM as fermentables.

    Let me know what you think or if I am way off base. Am open to suggestions/changes on everything but the tin needs to come from big w as I have a gift card for there from a Christmas present.

    I also have the hop details if needed (alpha acid%, IBU etc) apologies if formatting is dodgy I am on mobile. Thanks I appreciate the help
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