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Well, as some of you may know, I am getting closer to my AG days with 80% of my gear setup. The only thing is - I have NO idea what to expect from the beers.

I understand they are 100000% better than K+K but I would love to know, rather than just guess (if that makes any sense)

Ideally, I would love to make a nice crisp ale and hopefully a porter or a stout. Nothing fancy, just a simple, tasty beer.

I've nailed the recipes database on here and have picked out the oatmeal stout as a definite goer, and theres an APA I'm thinking about although I'm not much of a hop head I hate to admit.

Is there anyone who is prepared to send me a sampler of their beer? I am of course happy to pay for any shipping and a nominal fee for your efforts put into these beers.

I've just never tasted an AG homebrew (I've tried some nice kits) and would like to know how much better they get.

Just PM if you are interested. I live in Brissie, so if there are any Brissie based AG brewers, that would be even better.


Just a Hoe
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G'day Matty,

Welcome to the madness. It's not a totally easy question to answer. Yes, all-grain beers can be far superior to extract brews. If done correctly.

I've tasted some extract brews at my HB club meetings that have been very good. Probably as good as some all-grain beers. Suffice it to say that a very well-made all grain brew will always have the edge.

Taste two similar brews side by side. One made with grain and one made with extract. The difference is comparable to instant coffee as opposed to freshly ground beans.

HOWEVER. I've also tasted some pretty evil all grain jobs (My own included).

Moral to the story Matty, make all-grain brews and be persistent. Your first couple will be good, very good in fact. Subsequent batches (if done properly) will be excellent. In fact probably better than a lot of their commercial counterparts.

My advice to you if you want to taste some all-grain beers is to go and join up at your local HB club and introduce yourself and explain what you want to achieve. Your HB store may be able to point you in that direction if he's passionate enough about the hobby.

Anything will happen if you want it bady enough.

Enjoy the ride. :)

Warren -

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