Adealiade Guys , Want Some 50 Lt Kegs

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There are some at a scrap metal yard today , see my post in Grumpys forum
Funny you should bring up 50lt kegs...
Saturday night after the rugby a few mates and I walked to a pub to get some more grog to drown our sorrows. We walked past the keg bay (empties) and I made a comment like "man, I'd love to get one of those to do some home brewing in.."

One of the guys picked one up and threw it on his shoulder!! Yoink.

Anyway, Monday arvo I got the guilts and called the pub; thinking maybe they have to pay for them or something (there are like serial numbers on them) and explained what happened. He then told me I could keep it, but be careful about the pressure.

I said yeah, I was aware of that and told him how much it would cost for a second one and he said "Pop around and see me tomorrow arvo and you can have another one for free"!!

w00t!! All I need to do now is pick up the coupling kit, a few adapters and male/female thread thigys and I'm away!! Oh, and a 60lt fermenter :blink:
Ah! Be careful. Even if the publican gives them to you I don't think that you actually own them. The deal with most of the breweries kegs is that they remain the property of the brewery forever and they are not willing to part with them-trust me! I rang around heaps trying to find out what they do with old or damaged ones trying to find the scrap yard that they go to. Basically they don't get rid of any, however one of the guys did give me access to the older style kegs that many breweries still have. They are the ones with a bung in the side. Crackers will know the type and place I'm talking about ;) .

Cheers JD
yeap like justin said.
all the kegs from aussie breweries with the spear attached will ALWAYS no matter what remain the property of the brewery.
even if their damaged beyond repair.

at least you can plead ignorance and say well the pub up the road let me have them if you get caught.
Well if thats the case I might just return it. Ignorance is not an excuse.

Thanks for the heads up guys.
i would still keep it.
i didn't mean to be a wouser.
Just be mindful of the breweries stance on the kegs.
Well just got off the phone to Tooheys and sure enough you guys are correct. They are tracked (of course) and any discrepencies, they charge the establishment large sums to replace them.

Also, and interesting fact, if you are found to be in possession of a keg without consent from Tooheys, the lady claimed there are substantial fines. I thought that was interesting. How exactly could they fine you for being in possession of a keg? Surely the government hasn't passed "keg laws" have they? :lol:

edit: spelling.
charged with theft.
don't worry about it now. just don't speak of it again.
Damn folks, you guys have it rough! None of the kegs here in the States have serial numbers on them! Damned good idea though if you are a brewery-- keeps the home brewers from horking your kegs! Boy, if shipping to Oz were not so much I could have myself quite a racket huh?

In any case, this last brew I made the mash was so thick (see arrogant ******* clones thread in the recip. forum) that it did in fact, clog. So I'm going to the store tomorrow to get some cut off wheels to grind some more slots. I may never have got through the mash but my pump is a positive displacement gear pump-- magnetically coupled-- with an external flow rate screw. So I just cranked it down, pulled a serious suction on the grain bed and vampired the mash while sparging from above. It worked swimmingly! All you need is a steel hose from the spigot to the pump so the pump does not collapse the vinyl hose! I had one. Don't ask why. So I plugged it in and went at it.

If anyone is interested, my pump is a Tuthill magnetically coupled gear pump series D model 9548. It pumps from 0 to about 1 gallon per minute and is capable of 150 psi or about 10.54 atm (self priming!!!). For the most part not extremely useful for brewing but it saved my ass that day and I like adjusting the flow rate with a screw instead of a valve on the outlet.
accidently grind the serial number off a quick polish over and its pressed on the upper handle section? become a panel beater and lay on smooth soft ish surface and let a hammer do the work then once again a nice polish up and what name?
just a thought by the way
honest i found it down the tip ;)

ps my bro in law does work at west end and asked about kegs and they flatten/trash damaged ones and sell to a specific scrap merchant.they just dont allow any kegs out of there grasp.

big honest ;) d

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