Add new DME wort to yeast+wort in flask or decant first?

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I hope I'm not overthinking this. I ordered 2 GigaYeast packs from Melbourne on Sunday and they arrived Wednesday arvo. The packs were hot to the touch so I slid a thermometer between them and the temp was 30c. I thought they were toast but they are proving to be tough.

I cooled them a little while prepping a 2L starter for each. 24 hours later and there is the thinnest layer of yeast on the bottom of the flask. I obviously need to build the population up more but I'm unsure of the method. I guess it's similar to cultivating yeast normally? The flasks are in the fridge to floc.

Should I just mix up 2L of DME wort, cool it, and pour it into the flask?
Or would it be better to decant the current starter and then add fresh DME wort?
Or, another way...?

My cold steep (minus grains) for this upcoming brew has been in the fridge for five days. Unless it starts smelling awful I'm guessing it's OK.

By the way, this brew has been a pain. The HBS mislabelled two bags of dark mixed grains (600g and 1.4kg) and I blindly used them without weighing. That's what caused the volume/gravity issues I mentioned in a previous post. But that black IPA, over 100IBU (extra 60m boil), tastes OK after a quick taste from the fermenter. It was supposed to be a Firewalker Wookie clone but ended up with Hills Farmstead James dark grains instead...and of course vice

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