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Greetings all,

I have been lurking on this forum for a while and decided to make an account the a few weeks ago. Finally decided the time was right to post an intro.
I've been interested in homebrew for a while and have been doing a lot of reading and after finding out my late grandfather was heavily into homebrew that was the final little push I needed to start spending some money.

I've only brewed one batch so far which was a pretty much a kit and kilo lager. I used some DME plus a hop tea bag to try and improve the beer. Since then I have done further reading and am pretty sure it’s going to be a flop. I had multiple fails including fermentation at 24c using a brewers belt, using the yeast that came with the tin and bottling after 7 days. I found this out on day 5 but decided to bottle it any way to see what my first attempt came out like, give it a few more weeks and I will know.

I got my second brew underway the same day that I bottled my first and it is to be another lager, mainly due to the cold weather we are experiencing at the moment. I can ferment happily at 10 to 14c in my shed. I do have a few questions about this batch that I will be posting in the correct section shortly.

Finally I'm hoping to find out about some club in my local area (just NOR in Perth), maybe find some home brew workshops and meet a few members in the future. Hopefully after some more learning I might even be able to help out some other new comers. Is there a mix of all age ranges on this forum? The age of fellow members doesn’t really bother me but I’m curious as to if I’m in the minority at 26.

Oh and the name is Ben.
Gday Ben, 26 yrs old isnt out of the ordinary on here. People of all ages. You should try get to your local home brew shop (possibly brewmart being your closest) on one of their brew days. It will put all the theory into practice which is much easier to get your head around and you will be able to ask many questions. Online brewing supplies is also north of the river and Nev is a knowledgable guy so check him out also.

Good luck.
Welcome Ben.

Plenty of clubs and shops in Perth to help you out too.

There is a wide range of brewers here, from 20-somethings to the old retirees, and all with wide budgets, skills, trades, professions (or professional students). We're pretty diverse in that way.

AHB is a great resource for all things brewing, though it appears as though you've been making good use of the search function already.

Keep going, make improvements and have fun. RDWHAHB

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