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My 1st batch I have bottled my Lager and after almost 3 weeks it still seems not to be very gassy. In Fact it does not have much at all.

My Second batch of lager looks to be doing the same.

Do lagers take longer on the 2nd that normal ?

I am about to start my 3rd brew and want to make sure I am not doing anything wrong so that I can correct it prior to next mix,

Excuse the basic question.


What I have brewed for he above questions
1st = Std Coopers Lager Kit,, Coopers Carb Drops (Wont Be using again)

2nd = Cascade Golden Harvest, Brewiser Liquid Brewing Sugar, Dextrose Primer
Bit more info needed

How long did you lager, and what was the OG?

Any high OG beer will take most of the vitality out of the yeast, esp if lagered a monh or two or six. My spiced lager, OG 1125 took like a year to condition up, when I bottled my OG 1100 doppelbock this year I rehydrated two tsp lager yeast and added that to the bottling bucket and the Bock conditioned up in a short time

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i think your prob is the temp th ebottles r stored at.
U need to store tham around 18-24 degrees for a week...

then store them cold.
U need the heat to get the yeast moving and converting the suagrs to co2...
Then u need the cold to get the co2 into the gas.

Hope this helps...
I have been in the process of moving so the brew has had a little less attention than I would have liked so the Temp could be the cause.

Now that I am settled in I am going to setup a corner of the 4 Bay Farm Shed to my brew equip. I have a spare freezer which I might use also.
The final SG was 1010ish for both which was like that for consecutive days. Zero bubbling also during both measurements.

I am happy to leave them be and get started on setting up a good enviroment and then going onto the next brew